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Welcome to our Canada stripper locations page. To find more information on a particular area, please scroll up to our easy to use search filter. You will then select the province, nearest city and gender of stripper you are interested in booking. From there the search filter will then show you the results of the specific page you are looking for. This page will have our photo galleries, frequently asked questions and some of our reviews and a price quote form that can easily be filled out in order to obtain a price for your party.

We offer male strippers and female strippers all across Canada for many occasions such as stagettes, stag parties, birthdays, going away parties and many more occasions. We suggest trying to book your event in advance in order to have time for us to dispatch a dancer, and for your guests to be fully prepared. However do not worry, we do accommodate very last minute parties, all on a case by case basis.

Please take the time to review our FAQ area of the page. Many people quickly call or fill out the price quote without reviewing that area. If you do that first, then it will make things run much smoother and make you more aware of what booking a stripper is all about.

Thank you and happy booking!