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Expedited Application/Hiring Process:
Send a text message to Justin at 714-656-5585, with your stage name, city, state or province you are located and three of your photos. Please only send photos that show your body, physique, so we can see that you are in shape. Sending us photos with jeans and t-shirts on does not allow us to see your body. Also, please do not send any nude photos, we do not book out porn, or any escort work, or anything of the sort. We are an adult entertainment company that specializes in only booking entertainers to dance and perform for crowds. Keep this in mind when applying, thank you.
What weโ€™re looking for
Keep in mind we are very selective in our hiring process. We typically only recruit about 1 out of ten people that apply. Many are not in the physical shape that we require or show the work ethic and passion for this type of work. The idea of working as an exotic dancer or stripper might sound exciting, however keep in mind you must be available to work many Friday and Saturday nights, and also be available for last minute parties. Many of our customers will call and book last minute and the entertainers easily available or reachable will be the ones who will get the majority of the work.
Experience : Females
Females wishing to apply, at this time we are only seeking entertainers with prior experience dancing doing private parties. Please be prepared to share with us an outline of how you do a show, some of the games you offer, prices you charge for dances any costumes you might have available.
Experience : Males
For males interested in working as a male stripper for us, we are recruiting experienced and trainees depending on location and type of physique and attractiveness. Also to be willing to invest in a boom box, party lights and working on building up a wardrobe of typical male stripper type of costumes. We will give you direction on how to assemble such a wardrobe for low cost and how to maximize the value of the type of private party you will bring to our customers here at Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc.
Application Requirements

Good luck to all applicants, and thank you for you interest in your consideration in working for us.

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